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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hottest governor gets the nod

As if having Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (pronounced pay-lin) win the recent Elected Hotties poll for female governors wasn't enough, now she's gone and won the heart of Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

We're just guessing the McCain crew had done its research and reached all the way across the United States and Canada and into the United States again to one of our nation's loneliest outposts — Alaska — to help combat the star power of the Obama camp.

We just like to think that we helped, because so many of you threw your votes behind Sarah before she won the Republican VP nod.

Sarah Palin
The hottest potential vice president ever!

Here at Elected Hotties, we couldn't help but wonder if an Obama/Palin ticket would have been the hottest presidential ticket since the Taft/Sherman ticket of 1908. We're pretty sure that would be the case.

Alas and alack, our two hottest candidates are from different parties. But Sarah is a winner in more ways than one: Outdoorsy = hot. New governing culture in Alaska = hot. Former beauty queen = hot.


Poll results:
Sarah Palin: 74 percent
Jennifer Granholm: 16 percent
Christine Gregoire: 9 percent


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Take it down!

Anonymous said...

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