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Monday, August 4, 2008

America the Beautiful

Poll No. 24

No. It's not just a song anymore. Give me these governors over purple-fruited plains any day. Whether you're headed to The Last Frontier, The Great Lakes State or The Evergreen State, you're going to find a pretty good looking woman in charge. Just something else that makes America great.

We've just found the hottest female governors in the United States and we're giving you a chance to vote on them. Aren't we wonderful?

Gov. Sarah Palin

Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Gov. Christine Gregoire


Ted said...

How LOW can Camp Obama GO vis a vis Sarah Palin!!! First, Obama Campaign operatives led by Alaska State Sen Hollis French dig up a frivolous ‘troopergate scandal’ and launch a biased ‘investigation’ endeavoring to bring Gov Palin down (which is already backfiring against the Dems bigtime). Next, Obama himself appropriates in his ‘energy’ speech — without crediting Palin — as being HIS issue Palin’s Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline accomplishment with Canada. And finally, the Obama Campaign even appropriates the PalinforVP’s McCain/Palin slogan, “New Energy for America”. (Of course, McCain can still continue to differentiate, as per his recent ad: “Don’t just HOPE for new energy, VOTE for new Energy!”)

Anonymous said...

Governor Gregoire? Ew. Not hot.

Editor said...


Um. This is isn't about politicking. This is fun. I'm glad you like Gov. Palin. We do, too. I just hope you put your money where your mouth is by voting for her here.

Come on. Yeah she is. Try to be nice.

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