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Friday, August 1, 2008

Hottest female official in Utah

Utah is buzzing, and not just because it's the Beehive State. Utah is buzzing for Amy Wicks, the Ogden City Councilwoman who was just elected the hottest female official in Utah.

This is a first for Elected Hotties, but a second for Amy, who was recently elected the hottest city councilwoman in Utah just two weeks ago.

From what we read, this honor couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. Not that the rest of the candidates wouldn't deserve this recognition, but there's a lot to say about Amy's sense of humor, flair for tackling city issues and her good looks.

Amy Wicks
Utah's Hottest!

Congratulations, Amy! And thanks to her supporters as well. This was another stunning victory with 272 votes cast.

Poll results:
Amy Wicks: 54 percent (147 votes)
Neka Roundy: 40 percent (110 votes)
Margaret Dayton: 2.9 percent (8 votes)
Karen Sunday: 2.5 percent (7 votes)


Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

Be careful of this politician. She is known to lie about many issues!!!

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