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People always want to know if their elected officials are using tax money wisely. They want to know how they vote on the issues. That stuff is nice.

But we just want to figure out who is hotter.

Every week, we'll present you with a new two-week poll. Vote for your favorite, and we'll reveal the winner in two weeks.

Watch your favorites advance to the finals!

And for all of you haters out there, don't be jerks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The ladies' next level

Poll No. 10

Here at Elected Hotties, we want to kick the competition up a notch. Thanks, Emeril. So we're introducing our first semifinal competition among those women you voted as the hottest female county official in each region of Utah.

Here they are. Click on their names to read about why each got the hot nod.

Southern Utah
Garfield County Clerk/Auditor
Camille Moore

Central Utah
Millard County Auditor
Brandy Grace

Wasatch Front
Salt Lake County Clerk
Sherrie Swensen

Northern Utah
Morgan County Councilwoman
Karen Sunday

Friday, April 25, 2008

The stuff of myths

What do you want Thomas Low to do? Want him to prosecute the hell out of bad guys while keeping a calm, smooth, sophisticated and level head? Want him to protect truth, justice and the Wasatch County way? Want him to climb through the ranks as the Wasatch County Attorney's Office boy wonder?

This former deputy county attorney got elected as the real county attorney on his merits. Now you voted him to the top of the hottest in northern (Norse) Utah based on his looks. This sounds like a win-win for Thomas "Thor" Low. Not only did he clench victory in the biggest upset in Elected Hotties history, but he did it with style.

Thomas Low
Northern Utah's Atilla the Hot

Check out the votes and you'll see that they went to Thomas almost as if he were the only candidate on the list. That's some mythically hot power right there. He's so mythical that he didn't even respond to our request for an interview. wow.

Poll results:
Thomas Low: 94 percent
Kent Jones: 3 percent
Bryan Sidwell: 1 percent
David Brickey: 0
Craig Peterson: 0

See you Monday when we start rounding up the hottest of the hot county officials!!! Tell your friends.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hot guns

Poll No. 9

Yeah, sometimes it seems weird that we vote for sheriffs. But you want to have a guy in your county who knows how to lock people up.

These elected hotties not only do that, but they can get your vote right here because they really know how to wear the uniform.

Check out Summit Sheriff David Edmunds, Iron Sheriff Mark Gower, Piute Sheriff Marty Gleave, Sanpete Sheriff Kevin Holman, Salt Lake Sheriff Jim Winder and the winner from our southern Utah poll, Wayne Sheriff Kurt Taylor.

David Edmunds

Mark Gower

Marty Gleave

Kevin Holman

Jim Winder

Kurt Taylor

Friday, April 18, 2008

Get ready for Sunday

We're always ready for Sunday here at Elected Hotties, especially if you're talking about Morgan County Councilwoman Karen Sunday. On this edition of EH Raw, we're pleased to announce that she put the smack in Smackdown after knocking three candidates out of the running, even though one of them was her tag-team partner Stacy Lafitte.

Propelled by astonishing good looks, a wry sense of politics and a hearty "aye" when voting on county issues, Karen made a quick leap to the top of poll No. 7 and into voters' hearts. This fresh face appeared on the scene after beating out Randy Sessions and Robert Herrman in the 2006 primary election. She hasn't stopped winning yet.

Karen Sunday
Our new favorite day of the week!

Obviously, we expect to continue hearing great things from Karen. And of course, if she plans to run for re-election in 2010, we're happy to start the campaign.

Poll results:
Karen Sunday: 60 percent
Stacy Lafitte: 18 percent
Kim Wilson: 10 percent
Debra Lee Ames: 10 percent

This just in from Karen:
Well, you made my day. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks for the "prestigious" honor. It's flattering but quite embarrassing."
That's what we do at Elected Hotties, make your day. See you Monday with a new poll.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Veritable Norse gods

Poll No. 8

These handsome hunks top the list for the top of Utah. I wish these vikings would rescue me from the Visigoths or whatever.

Wasatch County Attorney Thomas Low is up against Summit County Attorney David Brickey, Kent Jones, Summit County Clerk, Daggett County Attorney Bryan Sidwell and Cache County Councilman Craig Peterson.

Help these guys find a spot in the Valhalla of Hot. And vote for the women, too.

Thomas Low

David Brickey

Kent Jones

Bryan Sidwell

Craig Peterson

Friday, April 11, 2008

I need a hero

Take one part fireman and mix him into county government and we've got a hero for you. That hero is Michael Jensen, chairman of the Salt Lake County Council. It's a good thing he's a paramedic because our voters' hearts were all aflutter once voting started last week.

Jensen's boyish good looks and winning smile helped propel him to a record-setting win, with 94 votes cast over the 12-day poll. Michael had more than half of those votes! He all but "extinguished" the competition. Fellow councilman Mark Crockett also set a record for the most votes for second place with 35 votes. Two hotties on one council? Who'd have thought? We would.

Michael Jensen
I want to stand next to your fire!

Thankfully, Jensen doesn't have to rush into burning buildings anymore. We're glad he's been promoted to deputy chief of the Unified Fire Authority. Good looks like this don't come around all that often. We're also glad he's running for county council again. He's got our vote for more than one reason.

When councilman Joe Hatch said he doesn't want the Kennecott thing used as a re-election device for anybody, Michael didn't like it, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
"I live in Magna," snapped Jensen, who also represents the area. "I don't want the health, safety and welfare to become a political issue. We are the governing body for the unincorporated county. This is an issue of governance. It's not about politics."

So put out your fires so you can help keep Michael safe and hot, and check us out on Monday for the newest poll.

Poll results:
Michael Jensen: 51 percent
Mark Crockett: 37 percent
Stephen Hadfield: 7 percent
Mark DeCaria: 3 percent
Mark Altom: 1 percent

Monday, April 7, 2008

Women of the north

Poll No. 7

Three polls to go, counting this one, and you'll begin voting for the two hottest county officials in Utah. But after the rip-roaring Wasatch Front polls, we offer you a smorgasbord from the rest of northern Utah.

Rich County Assessor Kim Wilson and Rich County Recorder Debra Lee Ames are tag-teaming against Morgan County Clerk/Auditor Stacy Lafitte and Morgan County councilwoman Karen Sunday.

It's WWE RAW -- The EH Edition!!!

Debra Lee Ames

Kim Wilson

Stacy Lafitte

Karen Sunday

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sherrie, Sherrie baby

Won't you come out tonight? Won't you come out and congratulate Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen for coming out on top of the Wasatch women? We thought for a minute that Salt Lake County Councilwoman Jenny Wilson's supporters would boost her to the top, but Sherrie's valiant crew prevailed.

And doesn't it make sense that the woman who does passports and runs the elections in Salt Lake County should come out victorious in an election of the people, as well?

OK, so she is serving her fifth four-year term as county clerk. Do your realize that by 2011, she will have made Salt Lake County 20 years hotter? Do you realize it or not?!

Sherrie Swensen
Get your passport to hotness!

According to her bio, she advocates Election Day Registration, early voting and voting by mail. So do we. Except we'd rather you vote here at Elected Hotties.

And by the way, don't screw with Sherrie's elections. When some dude voted twice in 2006 just to see if he could, Sherrie was not impressed. That's what we love about her: You can't impress her with shenanigans. But you can impress her by being a Democrat or with your skills of bowling, tennis, rollerblading and waterskiing.

So next time you vote for something, make it a vote for Sherrie, the hot clerk. And feel free to cast your ballots for the Wasatch Front men. See you Monday for the next poll.

Poll results:
Sherrie Swensen: 36 percent
Jenny Wilson: 33 percent
Louenda Downs: 16 percent
Jan Zogmaister: 10 percent
LuAnn Adams: 3 percent

Editor's Note: I just got this from Sherrie.

"Thanks for contacting me. I am a bit surprised and flattered, but the only time I think of myself as hot is when I have a hot flash. No, I haven't ever won anything like this before."

See. Hot, humble and humorous. She got the triple H. Congrats, Sherrie.

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