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Friday, April 11, 2008

I need a hero

Take one part fireman and mix him into county government and we've got a hero for you. That hero is Michael Jensen, chairman of the Salt Lake County Council. It's a good thing he's a paramedic because our voters' hearts were all aflutter once voting started last week.

Jensen's boyish good looks and winning smile helped propel him to a record-setting win, with 94 votes cast over the 12-day poll. Michael had more than half of those votes! He all but "extinguished" the competition. Fellow councilman Mark Crockett also set a record for the most votes for second place with 35 votes. Two hotties on one council? Who'd have thought? We would.

Michael Jensen
I want to stand next to your fire!

Thankfully, Jensen doesn't have to rush into burning buildings anymore. We're glad he's been promoted to deputy chief of the Unified Fire Authority. Good looks like this don't come around all that often. We're also glad he's running for county council again. He's got our vote for more than one reason.

When councilman Joe Hatch said he doesn't want the Kennecott thing used as a re-election device for anybody, Michael didn't like it, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
"I live in Magna," snapped Jensen, who also represents the area. "I don't want the health, safety and welfare to become a political issue. We are the governing body for the unincorporated county. This is an issue of governance. It's not about politics."

So put out your fires so you can help keep Michael safe and hot, and check us out on Monday for the newest poll.

Poll results:
Michael Jensen: 51 percent
Mark Crockett: 37 percent
Stephen Hadfield: 7 percent
Mark DeCaria: 3 percent
Mark Altom: 1 percent

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