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But we just want to figure out who is hotter.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Southern Utah belle of the ball

When you get a chance, let Garfield County Clerk/Auditor Camille Moore know she's hot. The valiant public servant was too modest to reply to our request for comment, but just so you know, she garnered 76 percent of the public vote to win our first poll.

It was a true landslide victory -- and unprecedented, too.

Thanks to everyone who voted. This isn't the last you'll see of Ms. Moore. She'll be back in a few weeks when we give you, the voter, a chance to select the hottest female county official in Utah.

Remember to tell your friends to vote for the hottest male county official of southern Utah. Results can only be found here next Friday.

Camille Moore
One hot, but humble, winner!

Poll results:
Camille Moore: 76 percent
Carolyn Moosman: 15 percent
Lois Bulloch: 7 percent
Colleen Brinkerhoff: 0

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