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People always want to know if their elected officials are using tax money wisely. They want to know how they vote on the issues. That stuff is nice.

But we just want to figure out who is hotter.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Certified legally hot!

Is there anyone you'd rather be prosecuted by more than Sevier County Attorney Dale Eyre? We didn't think so.

This legal beagle pulled ahead in a neck-and-neck race with Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova to be crowned hottest male county official in central Utah.

When you see Dale walk into the courtroom, you know that his charm and steel-trap legal mind are going to knock your socks off. And you can't take your eyes off of him. But at the end of the hearing, as you're cuffed and led away, he gives you that playful wink to let you know there's no hard feelings, better luck next time, everything's going to be OK.

Dale Eyre
People are committing crimes just to land in court with him.

Don't believe us? Here's what the Leavitt Institute had to say about him when he went to Ukraine in 2006 to teach Jury Trial Education and Training:

"Mr. Eyre has spent approximately ten years both prosecuting and defending criminal cases in the State of Utah...experience in the jury trial system as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. That varied experience, coupled with his engaging style will provide a great learning experience for the students enrolled in the program."

So while you're perusing the latest Supreme Court decisions, think of Dale, let him know he's hot, and make sure to vote for the women of the Wasatch Front.

Poll results:
Dale Eyre: 57 percent
James Cordova: 28 percent
Jim Lewis: 14 percent
Richard Waddingham: 0
Steven Burge: 0


Anonymous said...

Geez people, where did you get that picture of me! Thanks for asking if we wanted to participate. I am hotter now, 25 lbs lost! yoooo hoooo! www.vikki.barnett.com

Editor said...
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Editor said...

OK, that link doesn't work. I thought your picture was great, by the way. After a quick Google search, I found your site. Vikki Barnett Consulting.

Editor said...

Also, don't forget that you were in the top 5. That's no small potatoes!

Anonymous said...

Can you please take this blog down? Old hat...comes up on Google Search and a little embarassing!

Anonymous said...

Please take me off your blog! Please

Anonymous said...

Take this stupid site down!

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