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Monday, March 24, 2008

The new Wasatch Women

Poll No. 5

And you thought Wasatch Woman magazine had all there is to know about Wasatch women.


These hotties have been serving their citizens in the most populated area of the state. Not only do they do a heck of a job, but their beauty serves them as much as they serve the people.

Check 'em out.

From north to south along the Wasatch Front, we have Box Elder County Clerk LuAnn Adams, Weber County Commissioner Jan Zogmaister, Davis County Commissioner Louenda Downs, and a double whammy from Salt Lake County: Clerk Sherrie Swensen and Councilwoman Jenny Wilson.

Watch out, Utah. Most of you have voted for at least one of these ladies.

LuAnn Adams

Jan Zogmaister

Louenda Downs

Sherrie Swensen

Jenny Wilson

There's still time to vote on the men of central Utah. We'll reveal the winner on Friday.


Sheena McFarland said...

Hi. This is Sheena McFarland, a government reporter at The Salt Lake Tribune. I'd love to talk to the creators of this blog to do a story on it for the paper. Will you contact me, please? You can reach me at smcfarland@sltrib.com or at (801) 257-8619.

Everett said...

Check out Ogden City Council Chairwoman Amy Wicks.

Editor said...

Totally agree. Once we get to city councils, I think you can count on getting to vote for Ms. Wicks.

RudiZink said...

I just added your link to our blogroll!

Weber County Forum

This blog of yours is truly a thing of beauty.

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