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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Editorial: Ode to the Others

So a few things need to be said and we are going to say them. Though we tirelessly hunt for the hottest of the hot all over the state, once we present the candidates to our voters the results are out of our hands.

However, there have been a few times when we have sat helplessly while who we thought were clear favorites were brutally trounced in the polls. We winced as the polls closed and often searched for answers. Sometimes, hottie candidate “groupies” rally support for a favorite and recruit voters, some find ways to vote more than once and sometimes the photos we have just don't do the hottie justice.

Take Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. Granted, he was up against Farmington Mayor Scott "the Stunner" Harbertson, which could be daunting for anyone. But Becker's charm and good looks should have provided for a much tighter race.

Ralph Becker

Then there is Sen. Pat Jones. She's a looker. We've seen her in person and she is very well put together: stylish, poised and nary a hair out of place. Not to diminish Sen Margaret Dayton's squeaker victory, but we feel the poll photo fell tragically short of doing her justice. Our bad Pat.

Pat Jones

We applaud those who would be able to point out a bad picture to us and send us a more fitting one in the name of fairness.

Coincidently, the Senate men's race also had some of us scratching our heads. There is no doubt that Sen. Mark Madsen isn't too hard on the eyes. He's a tall drink of water with a winning smile. Nonetheless, EH feels that Sen. Scott McCoy was grossly overlooked. He is fit, tall with boyish good looks and a confident stride. How is it that he only got 13 percent of the vote people?!

Scott McCoy

Then in the Legislative finals once again Madsen comes out victorious against Rep. Greg Hughes, aka "Blue Eyes." Let’s face it, aside from those piercing baby blues he's got a set of playful dimples, raven hair and that oh-so-bronzed skin, yet he lost by a landslide. C'mon!

Greg Hughes

So we just want to let those candidates know that just because you fell short in the polls doesn't mean you're not smokin'. Thanks for being hot.

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