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But we just want to figure out who is hotter.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Our hottest House mate

If only we could get a room with Greg Hughes. Unfortunately, you can only catch him in public.

You take a look at that House Education Committee and who catches your eye? It's Greg, of course, that venerable, and very hot, Republican rep from Draper.

He's a true teacher's friend, that Greg Hughes.

Greg Hughes, R-Draper
The other House hottie

If Utah wants smaller class sizes, higher teacher pay, updated textbooks, more classroom computers and arts & music back in its classrooms, we have two choices -- spend more money or spend money more wisely, he says at greghughes.org.

The wisest thing you did today is elect Hughes as the hottest male member of the Utah House of Representatives.

With a come-from-behind win over Paul Ray in the closing minutes of his poll, Hughes has the kind of gumption that will make sure those education committee meetings will never quite be the same again.

This just in from Greg:

Wow! This is a great honor. It may be the highlight of my political career. So I guess I should thank mom and my dad for giving me the genes to win this award. But more importantly, I would like to thank Brooks Brothers,
Rogaine, Crest, my bathroom mirror, and Dr. Felt, my plastic surgeon.

And to all of those who said I would never amount to anything, let me quote Toby Keith by saying "How do you like me now!!!"

See, a sense of humor, too!!! How hot is that?

Poll results:
Greg Hughes: 42 percent
Paul Ray: 36 percent
David Litvack:15 percent
Mike Morley: 6 percent
James Dunnigan: 0
Aaron Tilton: 0


Miss said...

too bad he's not single! in addition, he's a great dad, husband and valued friend!

Editor4 said...

Well we think that just makes him even hotter, doesn't it? Nothing hotter than a good dad and husband!

Anonymous said...

Heres to Mike Morley. You are still first in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Mark Walker got hosed. That guy is a sweet piece. Go MARK!!

PS Can we get a lobbyist edition?

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