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Friday, May 2, 2008

A new sheriff in Hot Town

In Piute County, Marty Gleave is a sheriff without a jail. He has to truck his inmates up to Sevier County just to lock them up.
But what Marty hasn't locked up is the race for hottest sheriff in Utah. He tied for first place this week with Wayne County Sheriff Kurt Taylor, another sheriff without a jail.

These two sheriffs have more in common, though, that their hotness, their lack of jails and their uncanny ability to pull off their cowboy hats. These two southern Utah brothers from another mothers have a movie star quality. Marty's got a Harrison Ford thing going on, while Kurt's got a Heath Ledger similarity. Lucky dogs.

But only one of them can win, and since Kurt already had a big win in our southern Utah poll, the Elected Hotties editorial board has selected Marty as the hottest sheriff in Utah.

Marty Gleave
Posse up!

You can just picture Marty on his horse, Thunder or Old Boy or Sarsparilla, riding after the Bartley brothers, who held up the mercantile store. (For some reason, he's also in the 1800s.) You can see the sun beating down on his hat as those no-good Bartleys call the good sheriff yellow. But Marty stands his ground and gets into a shootout with the Bartleys. Then he hog-ties them and straps them to his horse for a couple nights in the clink. That's hot.

See you Monday!

Poll results:
Marty Gleave: 36 percent
Kurt Taylor: 36 percent
David Edmunds: 18 percent
Mark Gower: 9 percent
Kevin Holman: 0
Jim Winder: 0


banchara said...

Omg...I wish I knew when this was posted. I have NEVER forgotten my encounter with Sheriff Gleave. We STILL talk about it...and I always get this damn dopey grin. I'm not one to swoon over the fellas, but Daaaayum...

banchara said...

2008 Lol...well, it was about 2011 when I passed through. Good times.

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