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People always want to know if their elected officials are using tax money wisely. They want to know how they vote on the issues. That stuff is nice.

But we just want to figure out who is hotter.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pike peaks

When you're clambering over the boulders and up the mountain that is Elected Hotties, you have to understand that only one person can stand at the top at a time.

This week, it's St. George Councilman Jon Pike, who is at the peak, the pinnacle, the apex of hotness that can be obtained only by the hottest male city councilman in the state.

That's Jon, all right.

Jon Pike
Making St. George even hotter this summer!

This elected hottie joined the city council during a heated 2007 election season and is trying to figure out the best kind of airport to build down there. More here.

See you next week, when Jon takes on the other hotties for the men's state final.

Jon just sent us this note:
Thanks for the good (and surprising) news! I definitely don't consider myself a "hottie", (and certainly my teenage daughters don't!), but an elected official will take any positive press he/she can get! I've visited your site, and it's really fun. I'll look forward to other "events" in the future.

In the meantime, you and your viewers are always welcome to come visit us in St. George, the "hottest" city!

Poll results:
Jon Pike: 44 percent (21 votes)
Scott Ericson: 21 percent (10 votes)
Paul Cutler: 12 percent (6 votes)
Michael Poff: 10 percent (5 votes) tie
Dave Richards: 10 percent (5 votes) tie

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